Integrator Pro is an exciting new suite of products designed for Pork Producers who may desire an easy link between their growers and the toll mills while still maintaining feed budget information.

Features and Benefits

  • Included in Integrator Pro are modules specifically designed for each end of the pork production business.
  • Feed Order Pro has been developed to allow growers to easily and efficiently order feed and enter animal movements in a web based system, PDA or via a touch tone phone.
  • Grower Contracts module focuses on the maintenance of contracts between the integrator and each grower. This will include data in regards to owner information, physical location, barns and contract terms. With the feature, keeping tack of grower contracts will be effortless.
  • The central system to Intergrator Pro and Feed Order Pro includes feed budgeting and group information to ensure proper feeding deliveries. The system provides for the routing of feed orders, order and invoice validation and finally, interfaces with nutrition systems to gain formulations based on least cost formulation.
  • Toll Mill Pro is designed to allow each toll mill to retrieve their orders electronically, enter price lists, and record actual weights while ensuring proper formulation and pricing.
  • Each module will contain its own set of reports at the click of a button to allow the retrieval of essential data.
  • Integrator Pro is a simple, effective and important solution to the fast paced pork production world.