The Mark IV batching system consists of an industry-standard PC running EAI's Feed Batch Pro software interfaced to mill equipment via a modular I/O system. Programming tools used are Microsoft Visual C ++, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Microsoft Visual FoxPro. The weighing instrument is a Rice Lake 920.

Mark IV Standard Features:

  • Open-based software architecture with state of the art components.
  • User-definable software that enables a standard system to be installed at all sites for savings on support and startup.
  • The Feed Batch Pro batching application is networkable, making it possible for any system on the network, with the proper security, to batch feed, edit formulas, print reports, etc,.
  • Production interface makes it possible to interface the batching system with EAI's Feed Office Pro software, as well as other third party mill management and accounting systems.
  • Formula import enables you to import formulas from Brill and other popular formulation systems.
  • The system has extensive built-in reporting capabilities. In addition, an ODBC-compliant database enables you to use third party tools such as Access, Excel, or Crystal Reports for custom reporting.
  • No limit on number of formulas or ingredients.
  • Ingredient inventory tracking with graphical representation of bin levels.
  • Automatic free fall adjustment, pulse length, and high speed shutoff with user-defined parameters selectable by scale or ingredient.
  • Ingredient tolerances can be set by quantity or by percentage.
  • User-defined security allows the system administrator to control access to all or part of the system.
  • Automated ingredient flush can hold back a predefined weight of an ingredient for flushing purposes.
  • Ingredient substitutions can be automatically made, including substitutions of combinations of ingredients on other scales. Substitutions can be made to the current order or to all orders in the production run.
  • Users with the proper security can make temporary changes to formulas at order entry, such as adding or changing a medication or changing sequencing of ingredient weigh-up.
  • Modem and remote access software for support purposes.
  • State of the art power filtration system.
  • Mark IV Manual Control Options:

    Easy Automation offers a variety of options for manual backup controls. Generally, the manual control enclosure also houses the I/O system as well these enclosures are designed with future expansion in mind. The manual controls on this enclosure are clearly labeled via a screen-printed plastic overlay. The following manual control options are available:

  • Manual control panel with or without graphics
  • Manual controls via PC HMI with custom on-screen graphics
  • Manual controls with a custom mill graphic on the enclosure
  • Manual control with a generic mill graphic on the enclosure
  • Hammermill/rollermill automation
  • Available with or without PC HMI
  • Fully automatic with manual backup
  • Finished ingredient routing
  • Automatic bin refill and shutoff
  • Mark IV Expandability:

    From the start, the Mark IV was designed for easy and economical expansion. If more ingredients are added to the mill, all that is required is an additional output module to turn the ingredient on. If you add four more ingredient bins, you would add an inexpensive out-put module and activate the module in the software. If another batching scale is added, the standard scale head can be expanded to five scales by adding an internal scale interface card. We have one system running with twelve scales.

    If changes are made to the mill, downstream of the ingredient weigh up process, changes to the I/O system and its software may be necessary. Systems are designed with expansion in mind and this can easily be accommodated.


    Loadout Management:

  • Tracks loadout bin inventory
  • Optional scale interface
  • Track truck, loadout bin, truck bin, and driver history
  • Extensive reports including delivery tickets
  • Feed Office Pro Software:

  • Allows feed manufacturers to enter orders, transfer them to and from Mark IV batching system and then to their accounting system
  • Tracks animal groups and feed budgets
  • Enhanced inventory tracking and reporting
  • Formula Pricing, Grain Bank, and Contract Ingredient Pricing modules available
  • Interfaces to popular accounting systems including QuickBooks®, Peachtree®, BusinessWorks®, Agris®, Oakland®, AgVantage®, Microsoft Dynamics®, and others
  • Feed production data can be exported to animal management software packages, such as FBS®, and PigChamp®.
  • Summary:

    The Easy Automation Mark IV batch controller is designed to be a powerful and expandable system that, due to its innovative design, is also very economical. Easy Automation has a 20 year heritage in feed mill automation and has installed and supports over one thousand batching systems across North America. Easy Automation is dedicated to and focused on feed mill automation. We continue to improve our existing products and develop new products that will continue our postition as the industry leader.